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Hello everyone, if a movie or tv-series is not available on uwatchfree you can request it here, we will try to add it as soon as possible.

Please search the site before making a request.
Don’t ask for HD print of a movie, your comment will be ultimately ignored.

Please provide the following details if possible:

Movie name:
Movie releasing year:

Add your Requests in the comment box below, we will try to add it if possible.
Good Luck.

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  1. can you please upload encanto (2021) animation

    Sing 2 (2021) animation

    And Turning red (2022)
    i know this is 2022 but can u please find it somewhere and put it here please.

  2. please make The Expanse Season 5 available if Season 6 is available please add that as well. Amazon Prime 2020 2021.

    FYI This website is a wonderful website extremely well organized and by far the best of its kind to my knowledge. In fact, it might be the only one of its kind. Never underestimate the positive imp[act that you have on people that can get a good movie to watch or much-needed relief from an otherwise unknown amount of sorrow in their life. You’ve taken a lot of weight off my shoulders once or twice. Cheers Bless you! lol, whoever you are where ever you are….you may never even see this but if you do maybe my words can pick you if ever you feel down. That’s my intent anyways!

  3. hey… I see that you are uploading some Netflix series, so I was wondering if you can upload the series, Seinfeld, which is available on Netflix. It’s old stuff, but very good. thanks

  4. Eloise at Christmastime (2003)
    Genre: Family Length: 1h & 29m
    It’s almost December, and I love Classic Christmas movies. Can you upload this movie, and more similar movies like this? I really appreciate it. Thank You!!!

  5. i was just wondering why you don’t have Venom 2 on here yet? i would like to request it it came out in august of 2021 so could you please get it ?
    Thank you

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